Welcome to my site dedicated to a subject close to my heart, gay pornography.  I admit to having a very large collection of my own (now in excess of 3,000 films), and fantasising about various gay porn stars.

In this site I hope to be able to help fellow gay men enjoy porn as much as I do, with reviews of various films, together with lists of videos,  stars who appeared and in what other films they appeared and finally an overview of the history of gay porn.

I apologise because the site is under-construction at present, and by its very nature going to be constantly out of date, as I guess hundreds of new videos are issued each year, and therefore one is faced with an impossible task to keep up, however rest assured I will try my best. You can see the latest pages by following this link.

Please bear in mind that the contents of the site may well cause offence and therefore if you are under 18 years old or easily offended please exit now.

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