The job of keeping the site uptodate is endless, as new titles arrive every week. In addition I am trying to complete all the old historic films, together with profiles on literally tens of thousands of porn actors.

In an effort to make your visit more enjoyable and easier if you come back again to view the site, I have summarised the latest changes I have made and the additions of studios, films or stars. You can follow the links below to see what is new. Enjoy.

Complete listings of films 1969-1979 (see years links on the left)
Catalina Studios (films completed 1980-1990)
French Art (J D Cadinot) (films completed 1980-1990)
Nebula Video (complete summary)
TCS Studio (complete summary)
MT Productions (complete summary)
History (pages have been updated and pictures added) (see history links on the left)
Casey Donovan (revised page, with new pictures and biography)
Milos Csaba (new pages)
1971 film and actor links completed
Zeb Atlas (video summary and lots of pictures)
1981 list of all films in that year linked to the film and studio
Surge Studio (complete summary)
Buckshot Productions (complete summary)
David Lust Productions (complete summary)
French Connection (complete summary)
Old Reliable (complete summary)