American Adventures of Surelick Holmes (Hand in Hand)

The Assault (Ja-Rae Video)

The Baredevils (Jaguar Productions)

Boarding School Hero (Trirod Productions)

Boys in the Sand (Poolemar Productions)

Casey (Hand in Hand)

Chapter 3 (Bijou Video)

Come of Age  (Jaguar Productions)

Confessions Of A Male Groupie (N J Grippo Productions)

Devil in the Flesh  (Jaguar Productions)

History of the Year:
1971 saw a number of important first's. Jaguar Productions and Hand in Hand produced there first films, and Casey Donovan appeared in his first films, Boys in the Sand and Casey.

Boys in the Sand, is regarded by many as a very important film, as it was the first of the modern film's and was accepting in the mainstream audience and not just in the sleazy underworld that had been gay pornogrpahy.

Films (continued):
Dust unto Dust (Bijou Video)

The Experiment  (Jaguar Productions)

Forced (Le Salon Productions)

Four More Than Money (Jaguar Productions)

Gay Tarzan (Bijou Video)

Highway Hustler (Big Sir)

Leather Narcissus (P M Productions)

Lust in the Afternoon (Le Salon Productions)

Magnificent Cowboys (Jaguar Productions)

Seven in a Barn (Dimension Films)

Sudden Rawhide  (Jaguar Productions)

Young Star Gazer (Wild Goose Productions)