AWOL (Ramrod Productions)

Beautiful Young Dreamers: Maverick 10 (Maverick Videos)

Big Brother Is Watching (Nova Films)

Bi-sexual Fantasy: Maverick 11 (Maverick Videos)

Blue Vanities Tape 301 (Filmfare Video)

Blue Vanities Tape 302 ((Filmfare Video)

Blue Vanities Tape 303 (Filmfare Video)

Boys Next Door (YMAC Studio)

Boys Of San Francisco (The)  (Laguna Pacific)

Breakdown (Brentwood Productions)

Breakthrough (Nova Films)

Brothers Should Do It (Laguna Pacific)

BVC-1  (Bullseye Productions)

BVC-2  (Bullseye Productions)

BVC-3  (Bullseye Productions)

BVC-4  (Bullseye Productions)

Cabin in the Woods (A)  (Nova Films)

Cellblock #9  (P M Productions)

Centurians of Rome (Hand in Hand)

Class Of '84 Part 2: The Adventure Continues  (Laguna Pacific)

Cruising the Castro (Cineart Productions)

Delivering a Load (collection)  (Nova Films)

Diary of an "M"  (Bijou Video)

Dirty Books  (Bijou Video)

Don't Fight it Kid aka Trophy 6  (Brentwood Productions)

Down on the Farm  (Nova Films)

Dream Boys 1  (French Art)

Drive, He Said  (Nova Films)

Eat In/eat Out  (Eagle Studios)

Eureka Bound/Trophy 5  (Brentwood Productions)

Everhard  (Ramrod Productions)

Face to Face aka San Francisco  (Mustang Productions)

Flashbacks Al Parkers)  (Surge Studios)

Flashbacks, J. Brian's  Vitruvian Video

Frat House One  (College Station)

Garçons De Rêves aka Dream Boys  (French Art)

Gunslingers (The)  (Nova Films)

Handsome  Mustang Production

Hayride aka Trophy 3  (Brentwood Productions)

Hommes préfèrent les Hommes (Les)(French Art)

Hot Trash (Hawk Productions)

History of the Year:

Films (continued):
Hunk aka Roger  (TMX Video)

Hurts So Good (FVP25)  (Dimension Films)

Impulse (Le Salon Video)

Jock, (The) (Nebula Video)

Jocks (Nebula Video)

Kip Noll, Superstar 1 (Laguna Pacific)

Kyd Stuff (Nova Films)

Little Brother's Coming Out (Nova Films)

Manhunt (Mustang Productions)

Marine Furlough (Brentwood Productions)

Mark aka Trophy 4 (Brentwood Productions)

Men at Work (Nova Films)

More Hot Rods (Nebula Video)

Mouthful (Ramrod Productions)

New Breed, (The) FVP032 (Laguna Pacific)

New York Men (Mustang Production)

Pacific Coast Highway 1 (Laguna Pacific)

Palace Of Pleasures (Marathon Films)

Performance (Hand in Hand Films)

Rawhide (Tony Prince Studios)

Rivermen, The  Century Theatre & Video

Roommates Wanted  (Nova Films)

Scouts 1  (French Art)

SoloJerk  (Live Video Inc)

Spokes (FVP33) (Falcon Videos)

Stud Poker  (YMAC Studio)

Summer Of Scott Noll (The) (JVP31)  Studio TCS

Sundeck  (Nova Films)

Superstars 1  (Live Video Inc)

Superstars, Christopher Rage's Best of the (Live Video Inc)

That Boy Next Door  (Nova Films)

The Dorm Boys 1  (College Station)

The Dorm Boys 2 (College Station)

Too Hard to Handle  (Ramrod Productions)

Tricking  (Nebula Video)

Truck Stop  (Brentwood Productions)

TVC-1  (Target Studios)

TVC-2  (Target Studios)

TVC-3  (Target Studios)

TVC-4  (Target Studios)

USDA Choice (Hawk Productions)

Winner's Circle  (Brentwood Productions)

YMAC solo loops  (YMAC Studio)